27 April 2014

Pacific Golden-Plover

Staying in Sacramento County paid off this morning when I stumbled onto a PACIFIC GOLDEN-PLOVER on Sherman Island.

The bird was mixed in with 48 BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS and 188 WHIMBREL.  The bird, which looks like a male in nearly complete alternate plumage, stood out like a sore thumb.  You'll also notice how the white on the flanks and sides of the breast continue down to the undertail.  The undertail coverts were black and spotted with white.

Instead of choosing a couple of photos, I'll just attach the whole batch:

Here's a map of exactly where I had the birds:

View PAGP in a larger map

According to eBird, this is only the 4th PAGP for Sacramento County and is the first one away from the Bufferlands.