03 January 2019

Last year in flights

Maybe it's just in my nature to keep track of this stuff... but I do enjoy tallying things like birds, states, countries, etc.  It's not too surprising that, since I've started guiding, I've enjoyed keeping track of all my flights as well.

There is a pretty cool (and free) way to keep tabs of this online at Myflightradar24 (link) and I kept careful track this past year of every flight I took.

So, what did 2018 have in store?  Here is a map of every flight:

In 2018, I...

... took 68 flights which barely topped my 2017 tally of 65.

... flew more than 69,000 miles (compared to 61,000 in 2017).

... spent 179 hours flying; that's more than a week!

... stopped in 36 different airports (up from 29 in 2017).

... visited 6 countries (down from 9 in 2017).

And, just in case you were wondering, I spent 59 of those flights in a window seat and 9 flights in an aisle seat.  :-)

Now, on to 2019!