26 April 2014


A check at Don Nottoli Park, our preferred local patch here in Elk Grove, yielded this female BLUE GROSBEAK which so happens to be my 200th species for Sacramento County this year.  It also happens to be a new species for the local patch list:

It even flew up to the pumping station fence and landed on some razor-wire.  Eassssyy there, big brown buddy:

Oddly enough, it wasn't the only grosbeak present; I had two BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAKS as well which represents only the 2nd record for this particular patch (the last was on 13 May 2012).  Here's the distant male from today:

Although Ashley has had one at Nottoli before, it was my first time seeing a LAZULI BUNTING there (as you can see, I didn't pursue it for better photos):

All for now...