19 December 2014

No Falcated x 3

We've continued to sit in a rainy pattern here near Sacramento which is superb, we really need it.  I was looking at data from Folsom Lake (the big reservoir above Sacramento) and saw that the lake is 17 feet higher than it was 20 days ago!

Enough of the pleasantries!  Here are 4 photos....

First up, this male AMERICAN KESTREL was hovering overhead at Cosumnes River Preserve.  Quite an attractive falcon, really:
Here's my checklist from that outing.  The only thing flagged were 6 BLUE-WINGED TEAL; they're a fairly uncommon species around here.

At home, this "AUDUBON'S" YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER stayed put for a second:
In other yard news, I had an ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER yesterday which was a first record for the yard and my 107th species for this current yard life list.  Funnily enough, it looks as if I'm in 11th place in the entire country so far for the month of December.  Yes, eBird can keep track of your yard lists and you can compare with others by life, year, month, etc.

I spun up to Colusa NWR for the 3rd time this fall hoping to chance into the continuing FALCATED DUCK.  And for the 3rd time this fall, I failed (checklist here).  On this latest visit, there were several WHITE-FACED IBIS around which is only the 4th time I've seen this species since I've been back from Alaska (they're much more common here in the warmer months):
The viewing platform at Colusa NWR is a very reliable spot for EURASIAN WIGEON.  I had 3 there earlier this month but only one during this last visit.  Here it is with 5 NORTHERN PINTAIL and a BUFFLHEAD; note the rufous head and creamy white forehead:
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