02 May 2014


Our very urban, second-story apartment in Elk Grove hosted a male CALLIOPE HUMMINGBIRD this morning for a few minutes:

This is our second Calliope of the spring (we had a female back on 7 April).  In 2012, this species visited 5 different days between 15 April and 7 May.

Although none of the birds are actually in focus, this picture shows 3 different hummingbird species at the feeder at the same time:

In other news, a brief trip to Cosumnes yesterday yielded my first YELLOW WARBLER of the spring.  That leaves remaining targets such as WESTERN WOOD-PEWEE, OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER, and YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT.  It doesn't look as if I'll crest 210 species before I depart for Alaska but I can't complain, it's been a good run so far.