04 October 2014

Epic American

Remember all those east winds I was mentioning last time?  Well, they delivered in a very big way yesterday when Scott found a WOOD THRUSH on the island!  This sighting was from WAY out in left field... or rather, not even on the field at all.  Not only was this the first record ever from the Bering Sea, it was the first state record for Alaska too.  Alas, I was on the other corner of the island when it was found and I never connected with it.  No worries, at least it wasn't a missed lifer!

I don't have a ton of pictures from the last couple of days either.  There was this FOX SPARROW out near Southwest Point yesterday though:
If you use your imagination, you might see a black rump on this dabbler.  This GADWALL was a new island bird for me and was the first fall record here in more than 100 years:
I DO have some random photos taken with my phone though.  Enjoy some scenery.  Here's SW Point at dusk:
... and lastly, looking west from Tonki Point in the evening: