19 February 2013

Four pictures

I don't have much to share today other than a few photos from the last couple of days.

Being the weekend, Ash and I went up to Michigan Bar Road in eastern Sacramento County.  We weren't looking for anything in particular but you never know, maybe we'd stumble on some Mountain Bluebirds or out-of-season Lawrence's Goldfinches.  Neither of those things happened but we did see a few raptors including this distant, light-morph ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK:

We were chatting about "how uncommon" RLHA is for the county and I think we came to the conclusion that there are definitely fewer of them compared to Ferruginous Hawks.  We looked out the window.  Yeah.  FERRUGINOUS HAWK:

At our local patch, here is a GREAT HORNED OWL trying to blend in:

Closer to home... more like... home, this NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD pic was taken from the patio in late afternoon light:

I'm flying east tomorrow to chase some rarities.  Stay tuned....