11 April 2016

County map update!

I'm pretty sure the nerd circle I'm in that finds this kind of thing interesting is quite small.  But does that matter?  I absolutely love maps, I always have.  I remember digging through bins of dusty, outdated maps at my college library and the staff selling them to me for $1.  Looking like some kind of mad sailor with scrolls sticking out of his pack, I took them back to my dorm room and plastered them up on the walls.  Still to this day, I'm not sure those bleak dorm room walls have had a better use.

Fast-forward many years to today, now I get to combine bird lists with maps which, for me, satisfies some dark, inner desire.  Any way to visualize travel geographically and I'm on it.

So what you see below is the latest version of my county lists (or you can click here to go to the website).  Since the last time I updated this map in February (map viewed here), I've added 32 new counties for a total of 732 county lists.  In another category, I added 625 new county ticks which brings my total to 13,638.

Although it's hard to make out much change, what jumps out to me is the new complete path running from Missouri to Tennessee.  There are also some new counties in Texas and Florida.