20 August 2014


I told you it wouldn't take long to put together another blog post.  So here's the quickest and dirtiest guide to juv RED-NECKED STINT identification when it's next to a WESTERN SANDPIPER.

Step one... the sandpiper stands taller than the stint; check out the "upper leg" portion of each species:
In the above photo, look also at the primary projection; the stint has noticeable primary projection which gives the entire shape a slightly more tapered look.

When next to the sandpiper, the stint has a slightly more pronounced mantle "V" when looking head-on:
In the next photo, you'll notice this particular stint has a darker head and more blurry, buffy coloring on the breast:
And in the above photo, yeah, just look at the bill length of the RNST compared to the WESA.

Yesterday Scott found a young LESSER SAND-PLOVER at Pumphouse Lake.  This is the 2nd one we've had on St. Paul so far this year (the first was a male that stuck around for 1-2 weeks).  Here's the latest bird: