30 July 2010

Virginia - Part 3 of 3

The last day before we flew back home out of Norfolk, we toured the Great Dismal Swamp NWR again. This time through, I was able to focus more on butterflies. It was great!

Here is a SOUTHERN PEARLY-EYE. Strangely, I only had one of these.

I didn't see a ton of these (which I thought was odd) but here is a CAROLINA SATYR:

Nothing special here, just a LEAST SKIPPER on a Passion vine flower:

Because it was rather uncommon and local, I was happy to find this YEHL SKIPPER:

I'm not sure on this butterfly. Any ideas? I think perhaps SOUTHERN BROKEN-DASH:

Ok, I don't know flies but this thing was freaking huge! I likely took this picture and then took off running...

Here is a pair of ZABULON SKIPPERS (male on the bottom, female on top):

Here is a below view of a PALAMEDES SWALLOWTAIL with an above view of a SPICEBUSH SWALLOWTAIL. They were gathered with a dozen or so Eastern Tiger-Swallowtails on the road.

Perhaps my favorite butterfly of the trip, the rare and local CREOLE PEARLY-EYE was surprisingly common at this location:

Of course, I DID keep an eye out for birds here and there though. Here is a grainy picture of a PROTHONOTARY WARBLER: