19 June 2010

WCSP etc.

I'm not sure how reportable it is, but I was surprised to kick up a WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW north of the refuge yesterday. As I understand it, summer records aren't too easy to come by in Nebraska:

About a mile down the road from the sparrow was a CASSIN'S KINGBIRD! This was my first for the county. Both of these birds were just north of Crescent Lake NWR along Rd. 181.

I have continued to find CASSIN'S SPARROWS lately as well. At the latest, I've heard at least 4 singing south of Crescent Lake NWR. Keep your ears peeled, a couple of them can be heard from "the" public road.

Lastly, I've seen many more DICKCISSELS here in Garden County this year compared to the last two. Is this an artifact of the wetter season we've been having?