08 June 2010

Flycatcher madness

Well, ok, not really "madness", but I have been pleased to find both a singing ALDER FLYCATCHER and a singing WILLOW FLYCATCHER at the refuge over the last week. Here is the WIFL that was singing this morning:

It definitely wasn't on my "radar", but this RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH was an early-June visitor to the tall pine in the cedar patch:

Some of the mornings here lately have been on the cool side. This WESTERN WOOD-PEWEE was warming itself up:

Digressing from birds a little... I'm a big fan of the open skies here in western Nebraska. When the storms start to form, you'll be guaranteed some nice views eventually:

Digressing even more... Joel (who was visiting the project) and I stumbled on this Painted Turtle. You'll notice the notches in its carapace. Well, this marked turtle was captured many years ago by Dr. John Iverson (who has been doing turtle research here for nearly 30 years). The neat thing about this particular turtle is the fact that we found it over 3-4 miles from where it's been found in the past. Dispersal in action? Or did someone pick the turtle up and dump it somewhere else on purpose?

One word: VICTORY