16 March 2009

Mazatlan - 9 Mar. 2009

Today was spent mostly in the meetings of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Group there at the Playa Mazatlan.  Granted, I was still able to visit the gardens at the hotel with my bincs and camera to see what I could find.

Below is an Orange-crowned Warbler, the most common warbler species I encountered:

One very neat species put on a show every morning and evening from the gardens.  The Mexian Parrotlet, a west Mexico endemic, apparently roosts in the trees at the hotel:

Orchard Orioles were very common in the gardens, this female posed for a picture:

I took a picture of a distant oriole on a palm from my room patio.  Turns out, it was a Streak-backed Oriole.  This species was fairly common throughout our stay:

There was one hummingbird feeder at the hotel.  This Broad-billed Hummingbird was one of the usual birds that visisted:

It doesn't take long to realize that having a hotel on the beach has its perks.  For example, hardly a minute went by that a Magnificent Frigatebird wasn't in view:  

Below is a list of the new trip species:

(*) = west Mexico endemic

Booby, Brown 
Finch, House 
Hummingbird, Broad-billed 
Hummingbird, Cinnamon 
Kingbird, Tropical 
Oriole, Streak-backed 
* Parrotlet, Mexican 
Stilt, Black-necked 
Warbler, Yellow 
Warbler, Yellow-rumped 
Woodpecker, Gila