16 March 2009

Mazatlan - 12 Mar. 2009

Since we were back in the meetings today, we didn't get out birding all that much.  However, I tried to make time in the afternoon to see what I could see.

This Gila Woodpecker was easy to photograph from my patio deck:

I took a stroll down the beach to check out the rocks.  On the way there, this Willet posed nicely:

Also on the way to the rocks, this Bonaparte's Gull came in and seemed to enjoy my company.  It was quite tame and even flew up to me once:

The rocks down the beach were hosting a couple American Oystercatchers when I arrived.  I got to sit and watch these birds at close range for several minutes.  What neat birds!

Late in the afternoon back at the hotel, Crested Caracaras were zooming overhead every couple seconds.  The nice lighting made for some great photos:

Oddly, I didn't see any new species today.  We'll see what tomorrow holds....