03 March 2013

Return of bflies

Yes, I'm rather excited to be seeing butterflies once again.  With temps in the 70s and all the trees/flowers in bloom, I guess it shouldn't be surprising.  

So far this spring in Sacramento County I've seen:

Cabbage White
Orange Sulphur
Red Admiral
Painted Lady:

Back to birds, we still check our local patch once in a while.  We have to keep it up to fill those seasonal gaps you can see on eBird if you look at the bar graphs.

On our last visit we spotted this HERMIT THRUSH perched inconspicuously:

Apparently this was only our 9th time seeing this species there (the first being back in November 2012).

We also spotted this male intergrade NORTHERN FLICKER:

We've seen a hybrid flicker at least once or twice before here; it's possible it's the same bird.