24 March 2012

Neighborhood birding

I don't think I've even left my neighborhood in the last several days.  Most of my work happens at home so any birding I do is limited to staring out my window or recent wanderings around the neighborhood.

One such sighting came today with this WESTERN SCRUB-JAY carrying nesting material:

A common species in the neighborhood is the CEDAR WAXWING:

It was interesting watching this female ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD feed a youngster:

The flowering trees near the patio have been busy with warblers and hummingbirds.  We continue to have RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRDS visit once in a while.  Here is a male:

I mentioned warblers above which is kind of misleading.  We've only had one warbler species around the neighborhood and that's the ubiquitous YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER:

Last and least, who walks out of their abode expecting to see a chicken running around?  I mean, I live in a suburb of Sacramento, not Salineno.  Anyway, Little Jerry was walking around the cars in our apartment complex earlier today:

Ash and I were discussing today what we thought were the 10 most common species we see from the apartment.  So, here's my list in order of decreasing abundance:

1. Rock Pigeon
2. European Starling
3. Anna's Hummingbird
4. Yellow-rumped Warbler
5. American Goldfinch
6. House Finch
7. Northern Mockingbird
8. American Robin
9. Western Scrub-Jay
10. Bushtit