05 May 2012

Losing time

It's happened again, I've completely lost interest in posting on this blog.  :-(  In fact, the entire month of April went by with nary an update.  Why does this happen?

I think a lot of that is due to a) no one I actually know checks this blog, and b) I prefer to post photos to Facebook and Flickr.  Anyway, maybe I'll revive it this month.  Hold on tight, you might be in store for more than 0 posts.  Can you manage?

With the onset of spring/summer here in the Central Valley, I've started doing riparian point counts.  Pretty fun stuff. 

Here's a BLUE GROSBEAK, a relatively new arrival:

San Joaquin River NWR:

Last weekend I birded a little up in the foothills of eastern Sacramento County.  A couple of the LARK SPARROWS were tame enough for me to grab the lens:

This bird, however, was a decent find.  It's a BREWER'S SPARROW, a rare spring migrant on this side of the Sierras:

Last week I was fortunate to have four different hummingbird species at my feeders in one day.  Here is the star of the show, a male CALLIOPE HUMMINGBIRD:

I've been startled with how numerous SWAINSON'S HAWKS have been in recent weeks.  In my experience, they are outnumbering Red-tailed Hawks by at least 5:1.