02 February 2012

WTSP but no HASP

We swung down to Cosumnes River Preserve this afternoon/evening to enjoy the 65 degree weather.

While on one of the public trails, we stirred up a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW, my first for Sacramento County.  See the pin on the map below for where we had it (zooming in helps to understand which trail we had it on):
View White-throated Sparrow in a larger map

We looked for the HARRIS'S SPARROW that has been present near Desmond Road but didn't see it.  It would have been nice to have seen all 4 Zonotrichia species at one spot but no worries.

Here is a "Slate-colored" FOX SPARROW:

The WRENTITS were as obvious as usual, hopping around a couple of feet from us:

SPOTTED TOWHEES are one of the most common species out there.  I figured it was time to at least photograph one of them:

The GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROWS near the visitor center at Cosumnes must be used to humans; they're almost always tame and allow for close approach: