18 May 2010

Western Tanager, Y-T Vireo, etc

Migration has definitely hit Crescent Lake NWR lately. This morning was no exception. In the yard was this nice, male WESTERN TANAGER:

The better bird though was this YELLOW-THROATED VIREO:

I'm not sure... but might this be the first Garden County record? Stay tuned....

Also singing in the yard this morning was this WESTERN WOOD-PEWEE:

I first learned the song of the YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT when I lived in Tennessee and Dr. Swafford described it to me as "a freight train". Ok, so I'm not sure if that's exactly what he said but nonetheless, I still remember hearing them along some train tracks near Collegedale. Long story.... what's the point? Well, I heard that familiar song this morning from the yard. Later I tracked this guy down: