08 May 2010

Glossy Ibis - 29 April & 6 May

Well, there was yet ANOTHER sighting of a GLOSSY IBIS in the panhandle of Nebraska this spring. This is the third one that I've run into this year.

This one was in Sheridan County, right at the Rd. 181 intersection with Highway 2. It was feeding with 4 White-faced Ibis. Ironically, this is the exact intersection that Tim and I found 2 GLIB's at last April. I had to laugh when I pulled up and decided to scan the 4 ibises. Before looking, I commented to Ashley, "Well, can we make it 3 Glossy's this spring?". I took one look, and said "Glossy" and reached for my camera. She didn't really believe me for a while.

Perhaps this is the same bird that was spotted 9.5 miles to the south back on April 29? I'm not sure, I couldn't prove anything with the photos. However, this GLIB was in Sheridan County instead of Garden so I'm sure the sighting is worth knowing of.

Here are photos of the recent bird:

Here are photos of the first GLOSSY IBIS we had this spring back on 29 April (Garden County):

And here are some LONG-BILLED DOWITCHERS to boot. Still hoping for some Short-billed.