24 May 2010

Update again

Well, the Hermit Warbler or Summer Tanager never did resurface. The last couple days have slowed in comparison to last week. Still, some new things have shown up.

One of those things was this GREAT CRESTED FLYCATCHER. I only see maybe 1 of these each spring here:

A little bit out-of-range, this AMERICAN SNOUT was an easy ID:

Hybrid AUDUBON'S X MYRTLE anyone?

Anyone feeling comfortable ID'ing Traill's Flycatchers? Try this guy (and let me know!):

I assumed this was an OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER... but the yellow on the underparts was rather odd:

Lastly, only one thing happens when you're a Barn Swallow and you end up stuck in Cory's truck because he left the window down.... he catches you and forces you to look at the camera with the same face that he has: