07 November 2015

BARS redux

Here we are, November 7.  This will be my last blog post for a while and certainly my last from North America for quite a while.  But before that happens, I figure I could share a couple of last things.

First up, remember the BARN SWALLOW I mentioned in the previous post?  Someone mentioned that it looked like a plain ol' Tree Swallow (and to be fair, the photo wasn't the best angle).  Even though Ashley and I were certain of the ID (we saw it flying around), I figured I'd return to get better photos for the skeptics out there.  Luckily for us, they were still present:

If I'm being perfectly honest, you WON'T be seeing me at sunrise (as my blog name might suggest).  I've been opting for catching up on sleep these days instead of taking road trips every day to tally new counties.  However, I've still managed to add 4-5 new ones in the area which brings me to my very-up-to-date USA county map.  Here it is:
According to eBird, I now have lists for 578 counties, boroughs, census areas, and parishes in the Lower 48 and Canada.  I don't really know what that means, but whatever.