22 February 2014

Short update

I don't feel like this particular content warrants much verbosity.  Instead are a few photos from a visit to my nearest local patch yesterday.  This PRAIRIE FALCON is a fun bird to have around locally, especially when it decides to circle overhead twice:

I also worked on the local WESTERN MEADOWLARKS a little bit.  Actually, just this particular meadowlark (yeah, it's mouth is open because it was hot outside.  Welcome to Cali).

And then today I spun south to Staten Island in San Joaquin County.  My goal was to scope through the wintering flocks of "ALEUTIAN" CACKLING GEESE looking for banded birds.  I ended up finding 7 geese with neck collars (blue collar, white font).  I reported them online; I'll keep you posted on what I find out when the Bird Banding Lab gets back to me.  In the meantime, here are some Aleutian Cacklers:

You can see my checklist from Staten Island here.

On my way home, I scoped through some ducks on the north side of Desmond Road (part of Cosumnes River Preserve).  This male EURASIAN WIGEON, which was my first for this location, stood out like a sore thumb:

As before, you can see my checklist from Desmond Road here.  Btw, if you're ever curious where these locations are, click on "map" at the top of the checklist.