16 July 2011

Bored w/ birds

It's July and I have found myself bored with birds.  To see what I've been spending my time doing, head on over to my bug blog.

In the meantime, here are some pitiful bird photos from recent days.

There was a photogenic pair of BLACK-BILLED CUCKOOS down at Chichaqua Bottoms:

This DICKCISSEL didn't mind either:

My local RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRD continues to sit and stare:

... and who could resist a pile of MALLARDS?

On a bright note, shorebird migration has begun here in Iowa.  I saw this SOLITARY SANDPIPER at Harrier Marsh in Boone County:

Because I have so little to share with you in terms of bird sightings, I'll close this post out with just random, non-bird photos from the past week or so:

Last but not least, it appears that Ashley is still having difficulty perfecting her lumos charm: