15 June 2011

BBA work

I did a little Breeding Bird Atlas work over in southeast Greene County recently.  Although it wasn't a record-breaking block-busting event, it was fun to get out and put some effort into an area.

Here is a VESPER SPARROW that was content with me pulling up along side it:

The highlight for me (which doesn't take much these days) was this UPLAND SANDPIPER, one of the few I've seen on the ground here in Iowa:

As I was coming back to Ames on Highway 30, I spotted this breeding-plumaged CATTLE EGRET in a pasture with some cows:

It's too bad it wasn't in a BBA block!  It was where Highway 30 intersects Route 144 in Grand Junction:
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Back at home, the orioles continue to dine on the oranges.  Here is the female giving it some tongue: