11 July 2009

NE Iowa - 11 July 2009

Ashley and I recently spent a day up in northeastern Iowa doing a little birding, etc.

Our highlights included 10 warbler species and a nice change of scenery!

One highlight in particular was exciting for me considering I hadn't seen this species in close to 10 years! Below are a couple pictures of a skulky (and difficult to photograph!) KENTUCKY WARBLER:

Another highlight included finding several CERULEAN WARBLERS:

Much more common than the previous 2 species, BLUE-WINGED WARBLERS were findable throughout the stay:

And lastly, ever try to track down a singing WOOD THRUSH and get a picture? It took me a while!

Some of the other highlights from the trip included:

Louisiana Waterthrush (2)
Yellow-throated Warbler (4)
Prothonotary Warbler (2)
Veery (1)
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (3+, including a confirmed breeding pair!)