02 July 2009

Back in Iowa - 2 Jul. 2009

It's been enjoyable back here in central Iowa the past couple days. Today Ash and I took a brief drive & stroll and found a few things to snap pictures of.

First is a Pearl Crescent, a very common butterfly:

New to my limited experience, we also saw many Least Skippers, a very weak-flying butterfly:

I was very pleased to finally come across a Gray Copper. This is an uncommon and local species of grasslands, etc:

Turning to birds, it had been over a year since I had heard/seen a Henslow's Sparrow. We tracked down several singing adults and I was able to snap a couple distant shots of one:

And although not uncommon at all, I still decided to snap a couple of this Tree Swallow since it decided to sit still:

Overall, it was a fun morning. Recently returning from western Nebraska, I was happy to see other grassland species such as Dickcissels, Sedge Wrens, Bobolinks, etc...