21 December 2017

2017 Flying

It's at this season, the closing out of another calendar year, that I see a lot of my friends commenting on flying stats.  It's true though... when flying becomes such an important part of your day-to-day life (like for guides), it's fun to start keeping track. 

It's safe to say that I've flown more this year than any previous year in my life.  It's true, after all it was my first full calendar year of guiding.  With that said, this much flying might be the new normal as I continue to guide full-time.

In 2017, I started using the webpage myflightradar24 (thanks to CB for pointing me in that direction!).  It's a lot of fun because it keeps track of all your stats and, of course, maps out all your flights.  So, here's the map of my 2017 flights:

And get this, YOU can view my 2017 flying map at any time by clicking this link.

So, here are some of my 2017 flying stats:

65 individual flights (in 2016, my total was 41)

61,624 miles flown (that's about 2.5x around earth)

165 hours and 24 minutes spent flying (that's nearly 7 solid days)

29 different airports were visited

I found myself in the St. Louis airport the most this year (obvious, since it's my home airport).  I was there on 30 different days this year.

It was the airspace between St. Louis and Dallas/Ft. Worth that I flew through the most this year; 8x in total.  The route between St. Louis and Miami came in 2nd place at 6x.

I flew more on Saturdays than any other day of the week (14x).  Friday was in 2nd place with 13x.

July and August were my busiest months, 10 flights each in those months.

Anyway, I already know my map for 2018 is going to look a lot different!  I'll update you all in... oh, about a year.  Safe flying!