09 June 2009

Tornado - 9 June 09

Not all that much has changed here in western Nebraska in the last several days.  Honestly, work is keeping us busy and the birding has really started to slow down.  Nonetheless, there was some excitement recently when a large storm cell spawned a tornado very near the refuge!  Although I wasn't able to see the tornado, we think it came about 3-4 miles from the house.  As far as we know, nothing was damanged either.

The following is a picture of a rainbow that popped out behind the cell in the creepy, greenish light:

I think the only bird photo I have to share on this update is one of a Bobolink taken north of the refuge.  Bobolinks are actually tough to find in this part of the state.  Sorry for the wire in front of the birds head (stupid fence):