26 June 2009

Prairie Falcon - 26 June 09

As the season is winding down here, I figured birding was slowing down as well. However, a recent drive from town back to the refuge provided a few things to snap pictures of. First, and very uncommon during the summer, a PRAIRIE FALCON soared right over me:

A little further down the road I was treated to a flock of 20+ MARBLED GODWITS sitting along a pond edge. These recently arrived shorebirds are proof that fall migration is actually just around the corner!

I figured I would throw in a picture of one of the most common species at the refuge. ORCHARD ORIOLES are truly one of the more abundant species (where trees are present) down at Crescent Lake:

I'm not sure why, but this summer has been very slow for butterflies at the refuge. Below is a Common Checkered-Skipper:

Regarding butterflies... despite trying, the few species I see down at the refuge usually only consist of:

Common Sootywing
Cabbage White
Painted Lady
Red Admiral

Kinda boring, huh?