28 May 2009

YTWA - 28 May 2009

Work has kept me busy as of late.  However, a few neat things are still around.  Most noteable was this YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER I found and photographed on the 26th.  This is likely only the 3rd or 4th record of this species from the panhandle of Nebraska.  See the 2 photos below:

My yard is still hosting several grosbeaks (Blue, Rose-breasted, and Black-headed).  Here is a picture of the latter two:

Quite uncommon in Garden County, I stumbled on this Black-necked Stilt several days ago as well.  It's rather backlit but oh well:

And lastly, a few warblers are still being seen around the refuge.  One of the many typical sounds coming from tangles and thickets here are from Yellow-breasted Chats.  Although they're rather secretive, I still managed a lousy picture: