09 May 2009

Yard & such - 9 May 2009

Well, I'm back (and with some pictures this time).  Passerine migration is finally starting to pick up here in western Nebraska.

First is a Yellow Warbler:

The Northern Parula I found over a week ago is still around (the likelihood of this being the same bird is pretty high, I think):

Something caught the eye of this Forster's Tern: 

A nice dash of color, this male Black-headed Grosbeak prefers my suet:

My feeders have been a blur as of late.  They have been host to many Clay-colored Sparrows: 

...and this male Lazuli Bunting:

...and to hoards and hoards of Lark Sparrows:

On a final note, I was happy to hear the resident Long-eared Owls hooting behind my house this morning!  Such a cool species to have nesting in one's yard!!