08 April 2009

College Creek - 8 Apr. 2009

Today was too nice NOT to take a walk.  Ashley and I took a stroll down the College Creek walkway near our place here in west Ames.  We didn't find anything unusual really, but the weather was nice and there were some new birds in the area!

We found several small flocks of GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLETS which was a first for this spring.  Below are a couple photos:

Not something you see every day, we photographed this COOPER'S HAWK  mid-dive!

And of course, no one can complain about the bright colored NORTHERN CARDINAL.  The below male is belting out his song:

Some other things of interest included:

RUBY-CROWNED KINGLET - 1 (first of season, slightly early)
BELTED KINGFISHER - 1 (this is a fairly urban stream, hence the kingfisher is pretty uncommon here)