19 February 2009

Saylorville - 19 Feb. 2009

First and foremost, we were lucky to have a Common Redpoll visiting the feeders again today.  Below is a picture of the thistle trifecta: Pine Siskin, American Goldfinch, and Common Redpoll.

Below is the same Common Redpoll peeking around a different feeder:

Ashley and I headed south to check out Saylorville also this morning.   There wasn't much of note but several thousand geese were piled up by the Route 17 bridge (Canada & Cackling with a few Greater White-fronted mixed in).

The Northern Saw-whet Owls seem to have moved on, they have not been at any of their previous roosts for several days.

Below the dam were a half-dozen Bald Eagles, this one making a pass at a fish!

Also below the dam were several Red-tailed Hawks soaring overhead.  Below is an adult:

While sorting through a few geese below the dam, I stumbled on this odd bird.  I believe it's a hybrid between Greater White-fronted Goose and Canada Goose.  Please share your thoughts!!