07 February 2009

Crossbills etc. - 7 Feb. 2009

Ashley and I got out birding some today.  Just north of Ames on 180th was this Northern Shrike.

A little later in the day, we drove by an exceptionally tame Cooper's Hawk, photographed below. 

At Wolf Creek Rec Area in Grundy County, Ashley and I had a couple White-winged Crossbills.  A flock of 12 was initially found here 8 days ago.  Although we didn't see quite that many, our visit was pretty brief.

At dusk, we waited at Colo Bog for Short-eared Owls but came up empty.

Some other birds of note today included:

2 Great Horned Owls  (1 in Grundy County in a pine stand, 1 east of Nevada after dusk)
1 Merlin
50+ Pine Siskins
1 Rough-legged Hawk
Several Snow Buntings
Numerous Horned Larks along all the roads