09 January 2022

A Slow July

Last July, from the looks of my photos, was a slow one.  In fact, during the quiet summer months, I shift more towards butterfly and dragonfly photography.  Here are some photos from July, 2021.

Yellow-crowned Night-Heron in Iowa (it was a new state bird for me):

Horace's Duskywing:

Eastern Amberwing:

Mississippi Kite was one of the more interesting local breeders, in my opinion:

I was happy to find this dragonfly, one I'm not sure I had seen before.  Flag-tailed Spinyleg:

Snowberry Clearwing.  It's a moth, by the way:

I'm not sure which species... but we know it's a bumblebee:

Zebra Swallowtail:

Jade Clubtail:

White M Hairstreak:

Meanwhile, the House Wrens nested in the wren box.  They raised two broods.  Sometimes an adult would sit in the hole and seemingly fall asleep:

Silver-spotted Skipper:

Peck's Skipper:

Bronze Copper:

Twelve-spotted Skimmer:

Mark Twain Lake:

Mississippi River from a park in Hannibal: