29 May 2021

New Iowa state bird

Things have been low-key since migration has started to slow down.  One day I drove up to the extreme SE tip of Iowa to hopefully find the PRAIRIE WARBLER that has been on territory there.  It was quite an adventure but, in the end, I did manage to find it:

More expected, although not common, were a couple of KENTUCKY WARBLERS on territory there as well:

This butterfly, a common species of anglewing, is called a QUESTION MARK:

And over in the city of Keokuk, a SNOW GOOSE was still chilling, in the 90 degree heat, along the river:

Back in Hannibal, I've done some more exploring of various creeks and have found some really neat, lush, and scenic spots:

Although not rare, NARROW-LEAVED BLUE-EYED GRASS can be found around here lately as well (and they just beg to be photographed):