31 January 2013

Last of January

I vowed to do a better job at updating my blog but it looks like I haven't done my work lately.  Here's an update.

I just returned from a trip to Missouri/Iowa but I'll post about that trip later.  For now, some more recent pictures from the Sacramento area.

WHITE-THROATED SWIFTS are year-round residents here which was a new concept for me when I moved here back in 2011.  I won't complain, I love having them around:

A PACIFIC LOON was found on Lake Natoma in Sacramento County a while back.  A decent record for inland CA, I think there are actually more PALO records for Iowa than Sacramento County.  I finally got up to see it and was pretty surprised at how photogenic it chose to be:

This is the spot that this loon has been seen:

View PALO in a larger map


There have been some crossbills irregularly at the Sacramento City Cemetery this winter.  I spun up recently to see if I could relocate them again but no luck.  However, I did find this RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER, my first for this location:

There is hardly a lack of phoebes around here in the winter.  Here is a SAY'S PHOEBE from our local patch here in Elk Grove:

... and the related, quite abundant, BLACK PHOEBE:

There have been at least two FERRUGINOUS HAWKS at our local patch as well this winter.  Yesterday this one came right overhead which is somewhat unusual:

If you wish, you can see my full checklist from this visit to our local patch here.