23 April 2010


Well, we've been in western Nebraska for a little bit now. I wish I could update with dozens of pictures... but I can't at this point, I forgot my files back at the refuge! ANYWAY... here's what's new:

The curlews are back and paired up. Because all the sightings have been of pairs so far, I'm guessing incubation hasn't begun yet. I suspect things will pick up this week for sure.

Very few passerines have migrated into the area so far. In terms of warblers, I'm still stuck with only Yellow-rumped's, and they've all been Myrtle so far which is strange.

As in previous years, at least one TOWNSEND'S SOLITAIRE can be found around the houses.

The only new species for the refuge I've seen this year have been PURPLE FINCH and FIELD SPARROW. Although neither are considered rarities, I hadn't seen either of those species at the refuge before.

Shorebirds are just starting to pour in. Most recent additions have been many MARBLED GODWITS, WILLETS, AMERICAN AVOCETS, as well as the returning PIPING PLOVERS that nest on refuge. I'm still waiting for dowitchers and peeps. The nesting BLACK-NECKED STILTS are back along Highway 2.

In terms of owls, the vociferous GREAT HORNED OWLS are omnipresent around the houses as always. Also, BARN OWLS are back and can be seen in many of the owl boxes.

In terms of butterflies, I have yet to see anything different from the past seasons.

Hopefully next time I'll have some photos to go along with my post!