23 March 2010

TX Butterflies

On our recent trip to south Texas, I also kept an eye on the butterflies. Although I was looking for birds more than butterflies on the trip as a whole, I still managed a few lifers.

DAINTY SULPHURS were fairly common throughout our trip:

Yes, I took this pic from probably a mile away. Oh well. Still, no doubt it's a CHECKERED WHITE:

This LITTLE YELLOW didn't mind me:

Check out the schnoz on this AMERICAN SNOUT:

I didn't manage an open-wing picture, but this bland (only from below) beauty is the MEXICAN BLUEWING:

I was happy to find this MAZANS SCALLOPWING at Estero Llano Grande State Park:

I was looking forward to seeing a couple of longtails. In fact, I did manage a couple species, both at Estero Llano Grande State Park. This is the TELEUS LONGTAIL:

... and I believe this is the BROWN LONGTAIL:

CAROLINA SATYRS were common throughout the trip. Here is one in the shade in Roma:

A terrible shot, this GULF FRITILLARY was in Roma:

Skippers are always a challenge. I believe the next two are FIERY SKIPPERS:

Pretty striking as far as skippers go, this NYSA ROADSIDE-SKIPPER was fairly findable during our trip:

When you're close to the border, watch for the BORDERED PATCH:


I believe this to be a PHAON CRESCENT. I'm not certain so if you think I'm wrong, let me know!

Likewise, I think this was a THEONA CHECKERSPOT:

Of course, a post wouldn't be complete unless I had a mystery skipper. Any ideas????