15 January 2009

Arenal to Savegre - 6 Jan 2009

This morning it wasn't actually pouring the whole time!  We had until 1 PM to bird at Arenal before our transportation was to pick us up.  

We made good use of it and birded the grounds pretty well.  Many of the mixed flocks were productive on our way up the mountain that morning and we added a few neat species such as the Black-throated Wren, etc.

Once our transportation arrived, we settled in for the 5-6 hour drive to Savegre!  The drive was long but we eventually arrived at the Savegre Mountain Lodge which is several hours south of San Jose.  We had our own cabin complete with a space heater (it was COLD up in the mountains!).  Tired from the drive, we fell asleep to the sound of the space heater.

Above is a Coati near the bird feeders at Arenal (this was a common sight for us in Costa Rica).  This one was snarling at another nearby Coati.

The eerie Lake Arenal that morning.

We were able to add a few birds that morning at Arenal before our ride came.  Below are the NEW species for the trip:

Cowbird, Bronzed 
Euphonia, Tawny-capped 
Flycatcher, Olive-striped 
Heron, Little Blue 
Pigeon, Red-billed 
Trogon, Orange-bellied 
Wren, Black-throated