15 January 2009

Arenal - 5 Jan 2009

When traveling in the rainforests of the tropics, one has to consider the rain.  Today we did just that.  Even before it was light out, the fact that it was pouring buckets was easily heard.  The rain continued through 95% of the day!!  It greatly hampered our plans, our birds, and our spirits.  However, from the shelter of a couple buildings we were still able to see 1 or 2 new things for the day.

Above was a coyote that we spotted from our shelter.  It seemingly didn't notice us.

The Blue-and-white Swallows were very common here.  This one decided to get out of the rain as well.

Above is a Bay-headed Tanager, one of the many colorful tanagers here in Costa Rica.  

Bird-wise, today was a hard hit.  In terms of NEW species seen for the trip, we had the following:

Fairy, Purple-crowned 
Warbler, Black-throated Green 
Warbler, Tennessee